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Vithal Satpute Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University, and Management Course. With huge experience of management and automation in the industry.

Sandeep Mahadik a Genuine personality with huge experience of 20 years in the industry, and good reputation in spice market of Mumbai.

We are a team consisting of about 20 members, between both the head office and the factories. The organization has appointed highly educated and qualified CFO and CEO along with Marketing, Sales and HR and Factory Floor Managers who are experienced in their industries and departments. The strong employee base consists of highly trained individuals that are motivated, problem-solvers and out-of-the box thinkers.

The employee base is loyal and dedicated to the company with many of workers being with us for over two decades. We maintain good employee relations through a culture of trust and two-way communication. Our employee relations’ policy provides a reference point for relations with individuals, trade unions and employee representatives. We believes in constructive discussions of issues, in right of association and in maintaining positive labour relationships. We have a zero discrimination tolerance and ensure gender balances. We support giving fresh graduates opportunities through youth employment. we also supports a good work-life balance, by limiting work time and by ensuring new staff undergoes training and work place meets health and safety requirements.