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Lajjat Agro Products

Lajjat Agro Products Private Limited has a vast product range from Basic Spices like Chilli, Turmeric and Coriander to Blended spices like Garam Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, and Biryani Masala and so on. Lajjat Agro believes in focusing on the product with continuous expansion in its product line, improvement in its product quality and innovation in product taste.

The company has increased its variety of products and product ranges to ranges, as well as strengthened its product quality control. Products are available in sachets, pouches, and in future plan for jars, tins, bottles and other types of packaging that ranges in size from 10 g to 1 kg.

Lajjat Agro products Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide superior quality spices at fair prices globally and to adopt the best practices and measures for superior quality products so as to build a satisfied and loyal customer base.


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We believe in sustainability. We are committed towards natural agriculture and a healthy global environment by ensuring responsible sourcing, clean and hygienic conditions in production and operations and are engaged in fostering a spirit of community and social empowerment by employing women workers and by direct dealings with farmers to eliminate middlemen.

Lajjat Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. has expanded into the different parts of Maharashtra states of India as well as future aims to exports to regions like UK, Europe and other international locations. We have made continuous efforts to improve and increase our distribution network so as to spread our reach pan-India. We have also Future planed export business by targeting new locations, new clients and offering services like private labelling.

Our Vision

Since it’s founding, Lajjat Agro Products Private Limited has had a vision to be one of the largest and leading spices manufacturing company throughout India. We aims to offer superior quality products raise food health awareness and develop globally favourable flavours. Further, we are not only aspires to meet customer trends and choices but also to develop new tastes and preferences all over India. The company has a vision of creating for its customers the best possible value, i.e. highest quality and authentic flavours at competitive prices, with a maximum spread pan-India and eventually worldwide. Lajjat Agro intends to ensure maximum reach to customers directly that eliminates any middlemen as well as have direct procurement from farmers, ensuring less expensive pesticide-free products.

Create Value: To offer superior quality spices that have retained properties like volatile oil and have authentic flavours at competitive prices to consumers

Sustainability: To adopt the sustainable practices to provide superior quality products while caring about our society and environment.

Loyal Customer Base: To meet customer tastes and preferences so as to build a satisfied and loyal customer base